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Ms. Spears Goes to JRTs Birthday Party

Again from brituhknee these are 2 lil articles about BS & JRT. If you wanna know where these were found you're gonna have to ask mah homie Britt.

Article 1:

Justin Is Ok With Brit On The Side

Britney Spears snogging session with Colin Farrell obviously didn't bother her ex Justin Timberlake.

He still invited the tarnished pop princess to his 22nd birthday bash on Friday night.

She and Justin, who looked a bit of a scruff considering it was his birthday, happily rubbed shoulders together at the party in Dublin's Irish bar in Los Angeles. But Britney left the party alone, determined not to get in anymore trouble after she was caught kissing Colin at a party for the opening of his movie The Recruit.

Meanwhile Robbie Williams made friends with the outlandish Kelly Osbourne.

As you can see from my pictures, the former Take That star left clutching his freebie party bag as if his life depended on it.


Article 2:
Spear Friend

Seems Justin Timberlake and his ex Britney Spears are still mates at any rate.

She turned up to his 22nd birthday party at a LA bar on Friday night. My man with the bottle of Bud told me: " Britney and Justin were laughing and joking and even danced together."

Other stars at the bash included Robbie Williams and Kelly Osbourne.

Last week I revealed Justin had been dating a British student known only as Sarah Jane.
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