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XA & JRT Stuff, Because They're All Over The Place

I got these from brituhknee so I'm not even gonna try and take credit. I'm lazy though so I'm storing them here so I can read later instead of keeping them locked up in my email. Or something...I think I actually READ this, I don't even remember.

Article 1
Pop heartthrob Justin Timberlake's reported romance with Christina Aguilera is heating up - the couple spent all their time together in London recently.

Timberlake, who is about to go on tour with the "Dirrty" singer, enjoyed her company during a promotional tour in London.

The sexy pair stayed at the same hotel in the British capital, went out for romantic meals together and then took the same plane back to Los Angeles.

The couple who claim to be just friends tried to conceal they were together at all times by arriving and leaving separately everywhere they went.

Article 2
MODESTY is clearly not one of Christina Aguilera's strongest assets.

The cheeky 22-year-old singer and her entourage took over Chinawhite in London on Wednesday night.

After a meal and much booze at Hakkasan the party continued in the Soho nightclub.

But rather than dance to the tunes of DJ Dominic Thrupp - who is engaged to Atomic Kitten's Jenny Frost - worse for wear Christina bounded up to Dom and ordered him to play her latest hit Dirrty.

He obliged only after making her say "please". Good lad.

She may be an international star but by the amount of security, you'd think she was a member of royalty. And when

Christina decided to powder her nose, it was a major event. Our source revealed: "Christina and her cronies were sat well away from everyone else and it was impossible to get to her. When she went to the toilet, her huge bouncers held everyone back." And she even had two aides with her in the cubicle.

We'd love to know what they do. Perhaps they make sure her more intimate piercings don't get hooked on the toilet.

Christina flew back to the States yesterday and sitting next to her was arch rival Britney Spears' ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake, fuelling rumours of romance. Especially after they had locked themselves away for an hour on Sunday in a room at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Last night a spokeswoman for Christina said: "They're just pals. Christina's a young girl, she hangs out with lots of people."

Also the front page of Daily Star says Film Hunk Dumps Britney as Ex Dates Christina
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