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Looky Looky, it's Dream Street news

-Greg Raposo on Pop TV: The episode includes clips of Greg performing, an interview in which he discusses everything from girls to going solo, and some old clips of Greg with DS when they were on the show last year.
Check Pop TV Show[dot]com for show times or to see if it airs where you live.
Also, you can also still enter to win a PopTV t-shirt signed by Greg at WIN THE GREG SHIRT.

-The results for the Radio Disney Music Awards are in!  Congratulations to Dream Street for landing fourth place in the "Best Dance Moves" category, with 13,180 votes, and Chris for landing the fourth place position for "Best Male Singer" with 208 votes.  The award show will air on Radio Disney nationwide on January 25th at 8PM EST/5PM PST and again on January 26th at 10PM EST/7PM PST and you can check Radio Disney to find the station in your area.

-M Magazine definitely knows how to keep it's readers! The March 2003 issue is jam packed with all you could ever look for about Chris, Matt, Jesse, Frankie and Greg! On page 13, in the "Truth or Rumor?" section, M clears up the rumors about Chris and Anais of Play dating, and on page 24, Greg can be found in the "Celebrity Bloopers" section. Page 41 features an "autographed" Jesse poster, along with a message from Jesse himself! Page 44 features a poem dedicated to Chris and Greg written by a fan, and if you turn the page to 45, you can find the fan mail address for Chris! In the "Star Scopes" section on page 49 there is a small picture of Chris. Page 57 is filled with fun and games, and you can find DS members mentioned in the "Stars' Middle Names!" word search (as well as a picture of Matt), as well as in "Find the Fake Links." Last but certainly not least, there is a picture of all five of the boys on page 60 and a brief article about them titled "From Tears to Cheers."

-Have you been to M Magazine's website lately?  If you haven't, check out M Magazine[dot]com and you'll find a bunch of cool things to keep you occupied!
First, head over to M Mag Polls where you can vote for Greg in the "Favorite New Artist" category and Chris in the "Favorite Singer-turned-Actor" category.  Show the boys all the support you can!
Then, when you're done with that, head back to the main page where you can click the link to see the Greg Raposo slideshow which features pictures from his October 13th concert as well as blurbs about and quotes from Greg himself!  If you can't find the link on their page, head directly to The Greg Slide Show.  Have fun!

-Chris Trousdale is featured in the February/March issue of Girl's Life magazine as part of the GL Cutie Special! Turn to page page 48 to find a cute pic of Chris as well as an interview. He talks about the DS breakup and the girlfriend issue. Sounds like a must read!

-Greg Raposo's Official Website, Greg Raposo[dot]com, was updated today with an updated Resume.  Bring yourself up to date with Greg by checking that out at his resume page!
While you're at his site, you can check out some other recent updates, including news where you can find a link to a petition to get Greg on Slimetime Live, and more, as well as the merchandise section which features a new item (a totally adorable Greg Raposo lucky charm bracelet).  Be sure to see it all for yourself!

Now you have the latest and greatest updates on the boys of the [rip] group Dream Street and the boys. Enjoy!
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